It can be colder than normal during the winter, or colder than normal even while it is raining, snowing, or ice. When temperatures are on the precipice of freezing or above freezing, ice storms occur as freezing rainfalls. Your roof, trees, and cars will often be covered with ice. What can ice storms do to your fence? Ice storms can be hazardous for drivers and walkers, but what can they do to your fence? What can you do to keep it in good shape?

Wooden Fencing

  1. Moisture can be your fence’s biggest enemy. Keeping your paint and stain seal in good condition will help prevent water from seeping into your home. At different times during the season, check your fence for any trouble spots.
  2. To prevent damage from falling branches and limbs, remove any that have fallen on your fence after a particularly powerful storm. When weather permits, brush away snow and ice build-ups with a broom.
  3. Repaint or stain your fence to keep it looking its best for years if you notice water does not bead on your wood panels during the winter.

Vinyl Fencing

  1. These fences pose a risk to damage due to ice or snow. The first line of defense is to look at your fence carefully, as with any maintenance strategy. Using a broom gently as necessary, walk along the fence line in the snow, being careful not to scratch it.
  2. Hanging seasonal decorations on your fencing may be a tempting idea, but keep in mind that they add weight and crevices where weather elements can accumulate. Take extra time to watch your fence if you choose to decorate it.

Fences made of aluminum

  1. Unlike vinyl, aluminum is not at risk of rot or insect damage. You should be careful about ice or snow weighing your panels down. Shifting soil may lead to instability at the fence’s base as well. 
  2. Take care to remove large piles of snow or ice that are near or on your fence as soon as possible to prevent further damage.

After winter, repairs may be necessary

You may need to make repairs as the weather clears, no matter how much maintenance or preventive steps you have taken. Exclusive Fence works on fences that we have installed. Since we understand that unexpected events can happen, we also offer emergency repair services.