If you have an existing wood fence and are looking to add a new one, there are several types to choose from. Spruce is a common choice for the stockade and prefabricated fences.

It is inexpensive and comes in a light gray color. The wood naturally darkens with age, making it a good choice for painting a fence. Its downsides are that it lacks durability, is easily rotted, and attracts insects.

If you plan to paint your wood fence, an alkyd oil-based primer is recommended. You should thoroughly cover the entire wood surface, including the cut ends. When painting a wood fence, make sure to allow it to completely dry before applying paint.

You can do a sprinkle test to determine if the paint will cause any beading. The type of paint that you choose will also depend on the location and the environment. Consider the following factors when choosing your wood fencing:

Premium or #1 boards are the most durable type of wood. This type of wood has been chemically treated and placed into a chamber.

However, these fences will require regular maintenance. Although they are durable, they require regular painting and staining. Water-based paints are more durable than oil-based paints and are easy to work with. So, if you want a wooden fence without any upkeep, pressure-treated wood is the perfect option.

Pinewood is one of the most popular types of wood. This type of wood is relatively soft and easy to work with. It is also the most affordable option for a fence.

Most varieties of pinewood have a super-white or yellowish tone, which makes them a great choice for most homesteads. It is easy to stain and paint pinewood, and one coat should be enough. But you should remember that your wood fence will need frequent cleaning and refinishing to remain beautiful.

Selecting the right material for your fence is just as important as the foundation of the structure. Choose superior wood for its durability.

It will last longer than cheaper materials and will look better for longer. It is also better looking than vinyl, which can look fake. It’s important to choose a fence that suits your home’s style and budget. If you’re looking for a privacy-friendly and stylish fence, pressure-treated pine is a great choice.

Another type of wood that is often chosen for a fence is redwood. Although it’s more expensive, this type of wood is a good choice for homes in hot climates.

Regardless of the style of your home, a redwood fence is an elegant and stylish addition to any property. There are many benefits to redwood, but it can be costly if you don’t care for it properly. For example, it needs regular treatment with insecticides to remain attractive. If you need help installing your fence call Exclusive Fence today.