A fence is an enclosure made of wooden posts, also known as pickets. They are attached to the backer rails with nails or screws. There are many different types of fencing, each with its own style. Some fencing types use cedar, while others use plastic or foam. The posts should be placed 6 inches deeper than the frost line. Some fencing materials require special preparation before installation. This article covers the basics of fence installation. You can also read about the differences between fence styles and materials.

When installing a fence, make sure you know where the fence posts should go. Depending on where the posts will be placed, you’ll need to dig a few times to dig out the soil. Before digging, check the property line to ensure there are no underground obstacles. Mark underground utilities and pipes with the help of the 811 services. Make sure you don’t cross over a neighbor’s property. You should also mark corner posts and the perimeter with spray paint.

Whether you’re building a fence to protect your property or to enclose a garden, a fence is an excellent investment. Long Islanders are often keen to protect their privacy, and a fence provides an excellent barrier. You can choose from a variety of styles to match the aesthetics of your home. And if you’re trying to save money, consider a DIY option. A ready-mix concrete bag is an ideal choice for this purpose. Simply mix up the dry mix and pour it into a post hole. For every fence post, sixty pounds of concrete should be used. If your in need of help installing your new fence make sure to contact exclusive fence today for help.