Most people wait until the spring or summer months to install a new fence in their yard. While this is often the most popular time for installation, a fence can be installed during the winter months.  As long as the ground is not completely frozen, a successful fence installation can be accomplished.

There are actually some benefits to installing a fence in the winter months. Some of these benefits including the following:

You Won’t Disturb the Plant Life in Your Yard

Most trees, shrubs, and plants go dormant in the colder months. If you have many trees, bushes and an ornamental landscape in your backyard, installing a fence in the winter might be a great time of year for your home. If the plants are dormant, your plant life and your lawn are less likely to be damaged during fence construction. Not having to worry about harming your plants can also speed up the installation process for contractors.   According to Better Homes & Gardens, “Winter can be a great time to get your yard ready for the spring. As long as the weather permits, a fence installation is not out of the question.”

A New Fence Will Protect Your Yard and Hold Up Better in Harsh Weather

If your fence is starting to decay, crack and rot, it’s time to replace it. While some materials might hold up better than others, once your fence starts to become damaged, it will only get worse over time – especially in the harsh winter weather on Long Island.  You don’t have to put off renovations until the spring – installing a new fence at the beginning of the winter season can be beneficial. It will also hold up better against the cold, snow, and sleet.

It Won’t Interfere with Outdoor Activities

Once the spring and summer months begin, the outdoor activities will also increase in your yard. If your fence is installed I n the winter months, it won’t disrupt any outdoor plans like barbecues, sports and just playing in the yard.  In addition, since it is the offseason for contractors, they usually have more availability in the wintertime and can install your fence without infringing on your spring and summer activities.

It Will Protect Your Privacy

If you are installing a new fence, it will definitely provide privacy. If trees and shrubs were the sole provider of privacy for your yard before the fence installation, then you know that in the winter months, these bare plants and trees don’t provide much privacy at all.  With a new fence installation, your yard will be private all year round.

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